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We know exactly what is important when translating your legal texts. Translating legal texts such as contracts, indictments, court decisions, etc., requires particularly precise use of terminology as well as a thorough knowledge of the legal jargon and both legal systems, that of the source language and that of the target language.

Long-standing experience in legal translations

A merely analogous translation is not appropriate for legal texts, and the requirement for the professional translator is the ability to grasp the entire text in context. Specialist translations in the legal field are just as complex as the corresponding texts in the source language, which are often incomprehensible to laypersons even in their native language, as they are drafted by lawyers for lawyers.

Sprachen Koll GmbH's legal translators are selected based on their extensive experience translating legal texts and are exclusively native speakers of the target language. We understand that accuracy and reliability are of great importance in the field of legal translations and that these are often time-sensitive projects.

Have your contracts professionally translated

A legally compliant translation of your documents is one of Sprachen Koll GmbH's core competencies.

Our specialist translators dispose of comprehensive knowledge and many years of experience in the field of legal translations and deliver their services with a high degree of linguistic precision. We provide proofreading of the translation by a second specialised legal translator as a standard.

Our quality assurance guarantees the legal quality of the translation and the consistent use of terminology.

The cost of legal translations

Various aspects come into play when translating legal texts. For example, the number of words, the urgency, the target language, the specialist area (general terms and conditions, international arrest warrants, extradition and mutual legal assistance procedures, official licences, and sales contracts, to name but a few) and whether you require certification by a duly authorised or court-sworn translator.

Therefore, we cannot give exact details of the costs beforehand and ask you to provide us with your document for a non-binding quote. Of course, you can always rely on Sprachen Koll GmbH's professional discretion and data protection regarding your strictly confidential documents.

When do you need legal translators?

Contracts, patents, general terms and conditions, indictments, or court rulings – the reasons for requiring a meticulous legal translation are too varied to list them all here.

That is why it is important to find a reliable partner with the necessary expert knowledge and competence to translate legal texts and to ensure the professional aptitude of the translators – Sprachen Koll GmbH is your ideal partner and as a legal translation agency guarantees professional and precise translations of your legal documents.

When do I need a certification?

A certified translation of your legal texts may be necessary in certain cases. This is usually the case with identity documents, diplomas, or deeds. Please check in advance with the authority or office requesting the translation whether certification is required and under what conditions.

Not only can Sprachen Koll GmbH take care of your professional legal translations in almost all languages, but we also provide the corresponding required certification in many languages.

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