Post-editing of machine translations

At Sprachen Koll GmbH, we move with time without compromising on quality and professionalism. This is why we offer you the so-called MTPE – machine translation post-editing – as an additional service. It is all about the perfect cooperation between (hu-)man and machine. Although artificial intelligence (AI) has made enormous progress in terms of machine translation, it is still nowhere near sophisticated enough to meet the technical and grammatical requirements of a professional translation.

CAT tools and post-editing for translations

The term machine translation is still in a certain grey area because computer-assisted translations by CAT tools and machine translations are often (wrongly) mentioned in the same breath.

A brief clarification of the terminology: the so-called CAT tools work on the basis of terminology databases, the translation memories (TMs), in which translations are collected and stored. These linguistic databases facilitate the work – especially in the case of extensive translations – and thus prevent the same sentence or the same word from (having to be) translated over and over again. They assist the translator in producing faster, and stylistically more consistent, quality translations, as they act as a kind of memory support. This also has an impact on the price because of the time saved. CAT tools also support the revision of texts, among other things, and have become an indispensable part of the translation landscape.

Machine translation, on the other hand, works with AI and neural networks. Although they have improved enormously over the last few years, machine translation is still far from delivering perfect translation results. A machine translation still requires post-editing by a professional translator in order to achieve high-quality and textual perfection.

MT systems are still far from coming close to human translation because they fail in important aspects. They are unable to carry out the complex process behind human translation to an acceptably high standard. Translation is so much more than just transferring words from one language to another. A machine cannot make complex coherences, it translates word by word, sentence by sentence, which can lead to inconsistent formulations, for example. It lacks the ability to grasp the context and does not recognise the coherences between the sub-components of a text. The machine behind machine translation cannot be original or funny, cannot be adapted to a target audience and has problems with the use of the imperative. Therefore, post-editing is always necessary so that, for example, coherences are not lost, or the polite form is used correctly. Machine translation is, therefore, not suitable for all types of texts.

Post-editing of your machine translation

The translation agency Sprachen Koll GmbH is your reliable point of contact for post-editing your machine translation. Our team of permanent and freelance translators with an eye for detail can produce a high-quality and professional translation in less time by post-editing your machine translation. This gives you, the client, an advantage when it comes to pricing.

The cost of post-editing of machine translation

What does Sprachen Koll GmbH charge for post-editing of a machine translation by a specialist translator?

We are happy to advise you without obligation. We will happily provide you with a quote from our translation agency Sprachen Koll GmbH. Quickly and without obligation.

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