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Our translation agency in South Africa has found an ideal location in the metropolis of Cape Town. Our competent and international team on site provides you with fast and professional translations in almost all languages, from Afrikaans to White Russian (“Belarusian”) and all languages in between. See the expertise of our Cape Town translators for yourself, and let us do your professional French or Spanish translations.

In addition, we deliver quality translations in many subject areas. Whether you need professional translation services for businesses or translation services for specific documents, you can trust the expertise of our translation team in Cape Town. Sprachen Koll GmbH is your reliable provider of translation services in South Africa.

Certified translations in Cape Town

Authentications, i.e. confirmation that the translation matches the source text, are often required for certain documents and official purposes. Only authorised translators can carry out this process. At our Cape Town translation agency, we are happy to certify your official documents with the certification formula, the round seal, and the signature of our authorised translators.

As a translation agency near you

Our location in Cape Town is of particular importance for our translation services. Cape Town is a so-called “melting pot” of languages and cultures, and South Africa prides itself on its eleven official languages. For this reason, this location and our team in South Africa offer an extremely high level of expertise in terms of linguistic and cultural awareness, which is a major factor in the localisation of translations.

What you should know about our translation service

The first step after your client request arrives at our translation agency in Cape Town is to prepare a quote. To calculate this, various aspects are taken into account.

On the one hand, we consider the text in question, the desired target language(s) and the deadline by which you require the translation. On the other hand, the text to be translated is analysed in terms of its volume, degree of difficulty, word repetitions and text format. In addition, we will, of course, discuss with you your individual customer needs, the type of translation required, the translation target group, and any references or localisation requirements.

The next step is to select a suitable translator and proofreader or, in the case of particularly comprehensive projects, several translators for your translation. Your translation will then be completed and once finished, the proofreader will check it. Finally, your translation will be reviewed by the responsible project manager in Cape Town and then delivered to you on the agreed date.

How much does a translation service cost on average?

At Sprachen Koll GmbH, we tailor the cost of our translation services to your translation requests and their scope. Contact us now for an individual quote!

How long does it take to translate 1000 words?

An experienced translator translates this number of words in the course of one day. However, to ensure the translation quality, editing and proofreading by other experts must also be considered. It is best to contact us with your translation request so that we can better assess your individual enquiry together.

Request a quote now!

You can rely on Sprachen Koll GmbH as one of the top translation agencies in South Africa! In our translation agency Cape Town, we are at your service with our reliable and professional translation service.

With us, you will find the best service for standard translations with subsequent proofreading, translations tailored to your wishes or certified translations of your official documents.

Contact us now. We look forward to working with you!

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First Floor Constantia Emporium:
c/o Ladies Mile & Spaanschemat River Road
Constantia, 7806 South Africa

Tel.: +27 81 770 7700
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