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The translation of contracts is an integral part of our translation services.

You will receive contracts of all kinds translated into any language you wish. Get in touch with us now to receive an individual offer!

We can translate anything from an employment contract to a rental agreement

Contracts form the basis for business relationships and are the cornerstone for well-functioning business relationships worldwide in our globalised world.

Regardless of whether it is the translation of general terms and conditions of business, employment contracts, contracts for work and labour, company or managing directors’ contracts, contracts for freelancers, licence or sales contracts.

Contracts are also an important part of private life, with regard to, e.g. tenancy agreements, marriage contracts and insurance contracts. Our team of permanent and freelance legal specialist translators has the high level of linguistic and specialist competence required for the translation of contracts, as well as the language combination you require.

Who may translate a contract?

Since it is particularly important that a contract offers legal certainty even after its translation, the translator must also have knowledge of the respective legal bases of the countries concerned in addition to his/her expertise. For us to be able to translate your contract precisely and professionally, it is, therefore, essential to have legal background knowledge.

Sprachen Koll GmbH generally employs native speakers of the target language with the appropriate specialist expertise and can thus guarantee that your contract documents are translated flawlessly in terms of both specialist content and language. Whether in English, Chinese, Spanish or French, the translation agency Sprachen Koll GmbH has the perfect translator for you!

A certification of your contract by an officially appointed or sworn translator of the target language offers you additional assurance of a diligent and accurate translation and is therefore recommended by us as an additional service in most cases.

Which contracts can be translated?

Sprachen Koll GmbH translates any type of contract for every industry and sector – from terms and conditions and agreements to cooperation agreements.

Contracts that are translated into another language usually contain a clause on which language is the contract language and which language is decisive in the event of legal disputes.

More often than not, this is the source language. Further translations into other languages are then only informative. Therefore, the expert knowledge of the respective legal systems mentioned earlier is crucial because terms of one legal system do not necessarily have the same meaning in the language of the other legal system.

It is, therefore, extremely important to have contracts professionally translated in order to ensure that the content is understood in the same sense and to avoid misunderstandings caused by misinterpretation. The translation of contracts also provides support for decision-making and risk assessment, for example, and serious consequences can be avoided.

How quickly can a contract be translated?

The translation of contracts is often a matter of urgency. Time differences, delays caused by documents that must be sent internationally by post, etc., often make meeting deadlines challenging.

Sprachen Koll is the right contact for you here, as in such cases we can prioritise the translation of your contract documents so that you can keep to your schedule. It goes without saying that this preferential treatment of contractual translations does not mean that we compromise on quality – the translation of your contract will always be carried out by our native-speaker specialist translators in an impeccable, diligent, technically proficient and professional manner.

What are the costs of having a contract translated?

When translating contracts, different aspects are taken into account in the pricing. These include, for example, the language combination required, the specialist requirements placed on the translator, the volume of the contractual documents and the deadline to be met, to name but a few. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for your contract translation, please contact us.

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Sprachen Koll GmbH – Your translation agency for professional and legally flawless translations of contracts.

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